Jive Pony are specialists in safe, highly trained horses for the film & TV industry

Although we do not cater for large scale unlimited battle scenes what we do best is provide specifically trained horses for intricate work tailored for the theatre, video shoots, advertisements, promotion events and photography work. We can tailor the tricks and stunts performed by our horses for each client.

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We have a selection of beautiful horses trained to perform various stunts and tricks each with its own performance level and unique character. Upon request our horses can be trained to carry out a specific task for your production. So whether you need a beautiful horse to carry your lead actor or a comedy horse to sit on a sofa we will do our up most to recreate your vision.

Our horses are also available for actors who need to learn to ride and are great confidence givers for those who have never sat on a horse before and need to master the basics quickly. You will also receive professional equine tuition from a member of the Jive Pony team to help you become familiar with horses.

Online enquiries

If you are interested in enquiring further about how Jive Pony can provide you with a highly trained horse for your next production, we'd like to hear from you. You can contact us via our online enquiry form and one of the team will be delighted to get back to you and discuss your requirements further.